Monday, February 28, 2005

Tsunami Uncovers Underwater City

Indian divers have found more evidence of an ancient port city, apparently revealed by December's tsunami.

Anyone know where to find gopherwood?

Eco-Economy Indicators: ICE MELT - Ice Melting Everywhere

Well, my freaky darlings, we always knew that this was the case. It won't be long now. The Doom is all around us these days and when it comes for us no one is going to escape it.
Have fun!

Friday, February 25, 2005

"It Was Just Wierd." - COLLEGE BASKETBALL- Bryant could miss rest of season
It's getting to be that time of year, folks, and things are starting to look ugly out there on the college courts. Chenay is a Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer, and has had quite the long career with Temple. ( He's getting old though and he's watching his time behind the paint tick away. He seems to have gotten away with his self-imposed one game suspension but he's gotten off easy. Too damn easy if you ask me.
He's admitted to sending Ingram in with the intent to harm. Shouldn't there be somone else to impose the penalty or is this how things work out there?

But onto more important things, my freaky darlings. The Good Doctor is dead and they're going to try and respect his desire to be fired out of a cannon. The Family spokesman says that there is going to be a public memorial in the spring or summer. Anyone who would like to go with me is asked to leave a comment stating why, where, and what was your first introduction to the Godfather of Gonzo. Leave a fav quote and an email address and soon after the details about the impending memorial are released by the family I'll name the winner.
Holy crap...I've got business downstairs....
More to follow...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

SPURS: Spurs Obtain Mohammed And Brewer

SPURS: Spurs Obtain Mohammed And Brewer

Well, Spurs fans, we all knew it had to happen. Malik Rose has been traded. New York gets our beloved 8 season standard and we get Nazr Mohammed and Jameson Brewer. New York also gets cash and our first round draft pick but the focus today here is on Malik.
He had just opened a Philly Cheese-Steak restaurant in San Antonio's celebrated Quarry Mall and had just sunk down some roots when he was savagely ripped out and tossed away.
In all fairness though Spurs fans have been deviated over whether or not he has been bringing his A game to the court. Says one San Antonio fan: "He gets mad at something the staff or Pop [Spurs coach Greg Popovich] says and doesn't play well for three games." Others expressed a growing concern for his inside game. "After all this time with out ball club you'd think he'd have found his spot by now," said another San Antonio fan.
Still, most expressed having a fond spot for the Spurs forward. "Malik has been there with us for all the best," said one fan. "He's our old standard." Others expressed outrage and hurled curses on decision makers who approved the last minute trade. "Those bastards don't know what they're doing," said one stunned fan. "This is going to mess us up bad."
Indeed. While a shocked pall hangs over San Antonio today as the news sinks in there is a strange calm. The wondering has ended and the smoke of the trading frenzy has passed. San Antonio has not made a mid season trade since 1996 and long time fans feel that this trade would have been better left for next season. "When it counts these new guys aren't gone cut it. We're heading into the play offs. You don't want to mess with things that have been working for you."
In the end all we can say is that time will tell whether or not this was a good idea. Until then, I'm going to go get me a cheese-steak out at the Quarry Market before that too is gone over night.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Great Dr. Gonzo Dead at 67

1939 - 2005
I'm too sad for words over this right now