Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Girls of Riyadh

Well, My freaky darlings.. the table looks a little rusty but it looks like it will start turning soon. Freedom of all sorts will ring true in the heads of many cultures on this dirtball we fondly call Earth. I mean we are Earthlings. Let's face it.. above all the media hype about this nation and that nation we are ALL basically human. It's good to see that the girls of Riyadh are recognizing that listening to your libido is more important than what a bunch of old farts think about your life. Parents be damned.. the society you live in be DAMNED. We are all on the same DAMNED planet. Can't we all just agree to disagree? If we could do that then the girls of Riyadh would make their way out of fiction and into the real world that billions of other humans live in. Someone let me know when this book gets translated into English. Till next time my freaky darlings.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Rise of the Orange Menace!

"We wanted to know: If China’s global development will necessitate massive deaths in enemy countries, will our people endorse that scenario? Will they be for or against it?"
See, these guys are getting braver and rowdier. Let's hope they're all hat and no cattle. They're doing focus groups on whether or not to try and take over the world! If that's not a good indication that they're going to be trouble in the times to come I'm not sure what is. Look out!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum

Well, he was convicted of murdering 4 people...As I heard one person say "Just because he wrote some books doesn't mean he's redeemed. That's not redemption." So, like it or not...Justice has been served.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Australians Drop Their Smug Façade-True Colors Come Out

Brown People Beaten Sensless at Beach

According to various reports, somewhere near 5000 racist Australian drunks “defended” their beach from Australians of Middle Eastern heritage, background, or even appearance. From Cronulla beach to Maroubra beach, sunburned, inebriated Aussies chased down anyone that looked vaguely like an Arab, hurled racial epithets, then proceeded to pound them about the head, face, and neck area.
By Sunday the mob took out their anger on cars. It was not immediately known whether the cars were of Arab origin, brown, or simply, not white.

“No More Lebs!” the crowd chanted, as t hey waved their flag, which is still emblazoned with the Union Jack, an emblem of their subservience to the English Crown. Authorities were quick to defend these actions, explaining that they were not at all racially motivated.

Well, My Freaky Darlings, it’s happened at last and I could not be happier. For years every Australian I’ve met has denounced the American led War on Terror and they have taken every opportunity to disparage the Violence in the United States. Well, no more…These Australian Race Riots remove any Moral High Ground those shrimp sucking beer swilling bastards ever had.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Nigerian jet crashes with 110 aboard; 7 survive

Yeah, riiight. Suuuure it did. Those crafty Nigerians don't fool me. What'll they cook up next? I bet they're going to start sending emails to let me know that someone on that plane left me 5 million dollars, right? Nu-uh, those fuckers are making it all up, don't believe a word of it. It's a trick! Better safe than sorry.

Richard Pryor Dead at 65

Ground breaking comedian Richard Pryor has passed away. He suffered from MS and for the last several years and rarely appeared in public anymore. His work has influanced an entire generation of actors and comics. He will be missed by many.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ramblers delight

This is a transcript of a reply i've posted on Thothweb Enjoy...

(i believe it's posted on the second page of the thread)

I’ll skip the debate on the use of the term “Semitic” here and focus on, what I assume you to mean, the Exodus. In spite of Biblical writings, there is absolutely no archeological or historical record that the Hebrew people were ever led out of Egypt on a mass scale, nor that they ever caused any kind of disruption whatsoever to the Egyptian Empire.
There are speculative references to a people called the “Habiru” from a collection of ostrakon known as The Amarna Letters, which date roughly to sometime around 1386-1321 BCE. but those references have been largely dismissed as referring to indigenous renegades.
Also, there is little serious evidence that could link them to the Hyksos as these were a well armed people who introduced such things as the composite bow and the horse drawn chariot, neither of which the pastoral and nomadic people of the Bible ever seem to have perfected.
In fact, so far nothing that absolutely proves that such an event as described in the Book of Exodus ever occurred has been found anywhere, not in Egypt, not in the Sinai and not at all in the Jordan valley. Surely, such a large scale event as the ten plagues, or a huge mass of people trampling the land, camping and cooking and discarding garbage all over the place would have left some kind of archeological evidence along the way. Nor is it likely that an Egyptian Army of pursuit would have been mobilized and moved out and *not* have captured a slow moving mass of people, laden with, as you say, thousands of artifacts. Even if such a thing *had* occurred, there would have been some Egyptian documentation or record left of the whole event. And let me tell you, The Ancient Egyptians were real big on documenting things that went on in their Empire.
Of course, even if such an unlikely event were to have occurred it would not have caused the downfall of the Entire Egyptian Empire. Although a thing may be, as you say, ‘omitted from history’ it is not likely that such a widespread rampage as you suggest, could be hidden from archeology. The evidence simply cannot lie.
I’m not convinced that the capstone on the Great Pyramid was quartz because we have nothing in the descriptions of the Pyramid from antiquity that have described it as being anything other than gold. What’s more, the capstone was intact well past the time of the Exodus and there are no accounts of it ever having been replaced.
Another thing about crystals and such; I don’t think the ancient Egyptians put the same quasi-mystical significance on them as people do today. I suspect that if they did, we would be finding lots more trinkets carved out of them rather than, say, lapis lazuli, diorite or alabaster.

And to answer slavernicus about the word Amen- it comes from the Hebrew term :
aw-mane' and means: to be sure; faithfulness; truly:--Amen, so be it, truth; also, in the Aramaic and Coptic.

Update- I don't know why I bother with some of those fools over on ThothWeb. Now, there is someone who is convinced that the term "Amen" is fundimentally linked to "Amun". That's like saying that "si" (the Spanish for "yes") is related to the word "See" or "Sea"....

Ignorance, My Freaky Darlings, is forgivable, but Stupidity never is. It's as if some of these fools wake up one morning with a wild and hair-brained thought and take it as the gospel truth. It would simply stay in the realm of a persons own kookiness until they start preaching it. As my Mother always says "It's best to keep your mouth shut and imply stupidity than to open it and *Confirm* it."

Monday, November 28, 2005

Saddam Trial Continues

Doddering Old Despot Decides on Doddering Old Demagogue for Defense

In a not so suprising move, this morning, Saddam Hussein has named Ramsey Clark to his defense team. For those unfamiliar with Clark, he is a former U.S. Attorney General under the Johnson Administration back in the sixties. He's a Texan, borni Dallas and a UT Grad. He was an active force in the Civil Rights movement and was against the war in Viet Nam. Some of the people he has provided legal counsel for in the past include: Quasi-religious loony David Koresh, Indian radical/murderer Leonard Peltier, Seventh-Day Advantist/Rawandan Tutsi killer Ezaphan Ntakirutimana, Cowardly Florida National Guard deserter Camilo Mejia, and Bloodthirsty Serbian bastard/Father of ther term "Ethnic Cleansing" Slobodan Milosevic.
He is presently active with an orginization that is seeking to impeach the current President Bush. He has been against both Gulf Wars, has been trying to get onto the Saddam Defense team since last year, and, now, it looks like the old man will get his chance.
In one of his books, "The Fire This Time", popular with Lefties and Radicals alike, he gives detailed information on how badly the U.N. Sanctions were hurting Iraq, accused the first Bush Administration of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, and called for the extridition of Bush, Quayle, Cheny, Powell, et. al. to the Hague for punishment.
Now, one of my former employers, back in the late 90's, knew him personally, and assured me that the man was a Patriot and Gentleman, but all that asside, some people seem to be shocked and suprised that Saddam has added him to his legal team. The term "traitor" has been tossed around all morning by people who haven't really given this alot of thought.
The truth is that, if one takes a look at Clarks record with these thugs, it might ba good thing. Look at it, Koresh is toast, Peltier will never again breath the sweet air of freedom, Ntakirutimanawas and his son were convicted of genocide, Mejia spent a year in prison and is branded forever as a deserter, and the other, well, the jury is still out on that evil Serbian thug, but the hounds will come for his ass soon enough. The point is that, with luck, Clarks presence on the Saddam team will have the same effect it had with the others, which is Not a Whole Lot...Besides that, when Saddam gets his Kurd killing ass convicted, none of the America Haters and Saddam Lovers can say that he didn't have access to a fair and compitant legal defense, and that, ny Freaky Darlings, is Priceless.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Yet Another Typical Example of Leadership

Yet another fine example of world leadership. This is also typical of the type of news you don't see in the news in the good ol' U S of A. I am pretty much jaded when it comes to what goes in the world as a whole, but even I was shocked that hanging is still a means of execution in a modern era. Nobody is saying this man should go free for drug smuggling, but the means in which they are going to execute him is really is barbaric in my opinion.

Monday, November 14, 2005

This is sooo Wrong....

Well, My Freaky Darlings, the end must really be near. Get this:-
"ABC News: Theme Park 'Where Jesus Walked'?"

"American Evangelicals and Israeli Officials Plan to Unveil a $60 Million Park Where Jesus Walked”
The plans to build the center — and to turn a large swath of the pastoral waterside territory, from Magdala to Bethsaida, into a Galilee World Heritage Park, complete with hiking trails along paths Jesus would have walked — come at a time of seesawing in relations between Israel and various U.S. churches.

Several mainline Protestant churches are considering pulling their money out of the stocks of companies that sell military equipment to Israel in a protest against Israel's dealing with the Palestinian Intifada. Churches considering an economic boycott point to the building of the West Bank barrier as well as an expansion of Israeli settlements over the Green Line, Israel's pre-1967 boundaries.

In August, the Presbyterian Church passed a resolution to explore divestment, but no final decision will be taken before the church's next convention in the summer of 2006.

Ever since Benjamin Netanyahu — Israel's prime minister from 1996 to 1999 — cultivated ties with U.S. evangelicals and other Christians during his tenure, Israeli governments have sought to strengthen relations with the sector of the Christian world which, for religious reasons, tends to take a pro-Israeli view of the Arab-Jewish conflict.

On Robertson's Web site, he says that God gave this land "to the descendants of Israel," not to "so-called Palestinians." Older churches, such as Orthodox and Catholic denominations, have more local Palestinian followers and tend to support that side of the conflict."

"...And bowing to protests from Orthodox Jewish groups, the Christian partners will have to agree not to go out and proselytize to local Jewish Israelis. "


What the hell is this all about? Somehow this just seems wrong. Where's the Vatican on this? Why does this all sound like yet another one of the signs of the impending Apocalypse?
Evangelicals…These people really drive me nuts. This is another example of how the they are Hijacking Christianity and Jesus. These groups are the offspring of Depression Era tent revivals and Hooverville Salvation Cults. Who are they to have control of the places where Jesus walked, or to build over a huge piece of a city that belongs to the World? These people are the lowest Christian Denominator. They’ve taken it upon themselves to reinterpret Christian Doctrine according to their personal desires. In short, they’re right and, unless you are one of them, you are wrong. Therefore, God will save them and punish you. Yes, it’s true, yes, they know…because the Bible tells them so. These people have “personal relationships with Jesus” and want you to have the same. This generic label, Wal-Mart Brand, of religion is none the less, made up of scary assholes who are ready to bring about the destruction of the Haram el Sharif in order to fulfill scripture. Jesus is supposed to come back after the Temple is rebuilt. The Temple can’t be rebuilt until that is gone, right?
That Benjamin Netanyahu is somehow involved in this deal is not a good sign, either. I mean, Bibi is a Likud thug filled with the old hard-line hatred of Palestinians. In a global conglomeration of political assholes, this guy stands out as a prize one. But please, let him speak for himself:
"Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories."
-- Benyamin Netanyahu, then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister of Israel, speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, from the Israeli journal Hotam, November 24, 1989.

Pat Robertson is another one in that hodgepodge. He’s like Oral Roberts but instead of the charm and good looks that made Roberts seem like he was selling war bonds for Jesus, Robertson has a Media outlet and a big mouth. Much to the worlds chagrin he uses both prodigiously. Like Bibi, this is another prize asshole, only this one is one of those goofy, quasi-religious, assholes who, on some low lizard brain level of thought, is fundamentally certain that all of the dangerous nonsense that comes out of his mouth is true, and that the One True God is a god of shame and degradation and alienation.
This outrageous horse shit has got to be stopped. Like the Israeli security barrier this Jesus theme park is a project that flies in the face of civilized people, everywhere. They’re turning it into a Graceland and it’s an insult and a travesty.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Famed Halloween Producer Murdered in Amman

One of the American Victims of the terror attacks in Jordan was Moustapha Akkad. Akkad, 72, was the mastermind behind the production of all 8 of the Halloween movies. He was at the wedding at the Grand Hyatt and suffered a heart attack during the explosion and, later, died. Hollywood has lost a kind and insightful man and we are all the poorer for it.
Demostrations broke out denouncing the attacks all over Jordan and other Mid East Cities. It's about time people over there started getting angry at these terrorists because the faster they lose the support of the people, the faster we can win this war.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Saddam goes on Trial

-Gibbering old Despot to Face Music, 'In good spirits'-

The first Video started broadcast at 0940 GMT but there was no sound, just a piercing high pitched whine. They led the defendants in one at a time, Saddam was led in last. He was carrying a Qur'an and looking in fit and well. When the Judge, Mohammed Amin, asked him to identify himself for the court, he stood up and got belligerent. He quoted from the Book, he defended his status as President, he refused to give his name or acknowledge the authority of the court.
He was asked to sit down and the next defendant was asked to stand and identify himself. This man informed the judge that their head-dresses had been confiscated by guards. The judge ordered the head-dresses to be brought in and returned to the defendants.

There then followed a very long Pause.

10 minutes later...

They finally get their head coverings. Everyone appears much more relaxed now. Saddam looks like a hunted fox, sharp, almond colored eyes gone dark with contempt, alert and quick. A spark of defiance left in the old man?
But I mean there is no sympathy for the damned. This man is a terrible, ruthless, tyrant, a twisted and savage product of some of the worst idea's that people ever came up with. A last remnant of the late 20th century when rebellion was fun and dictatorship a fashionable pass time in, what was then called, the "third-world". He's a relic, a hold over from the archaic hard-line days of Stalin and Pinochet and Papa Doc Duvalier, and, now, he serve no purpose, like a vestigial tail, or the male nipple. He serves no purpose at all anymore,
Like a sullen child, when asked to identify himself, he threw a tantrum. He's afraid and he has every reason to be afraid. His day has come and he knows it. The eyes of the world can see, in magnificent tape delay, the way this scoundrel squirms. The judge looked amused. Saddam looked weary and cornered.
They're replaying that segment now. They should get new ones every 30 mins. I need a drink

1028 gmt

The second tape is coming in now. No one seems to be translating it and MSN video stopped carrying it. Not much is going on there just the 8 defendants are standing up and identifying themselves.

"I will not recognize a court built on falsehoods"- Saddam Hussein, this morning.

Well, this is not going to be easy. Consider that Saddam has a plethora of charges against him which could span the length of several trials. He racked up quite a rap sheet since 1968.

Oh and now the judge has asked them to sign a power of attorney for their lawyers can speak for them. Saddam looked shifty when they said that.


There's whispers of postponement, that the defense will ask for 6 months, but a co-defendant argues for them to find Nagib Moustafa, his lawyer. He was detained by the Americans at the airport, he said. A very patient judge told the man to sit down and it seems like they're trying to find out why everyone else's lawyer is present and not his.
Crazy with fear, now, they are grasping at straws. You can see it in their eyes, the shock of being treated like criminals, the indignant slowly fading to the realization of the doomed.

They're sitting in a pen, a corral, like a big crib. Bars, to keep them from falling out of their chairs and onto the floor, babbling with terror and naming names.
The talking heads are not sure whether to treat this a little like the OJ trial or shoot the moon, but they're trying to make sense of it all. The charges have been read: Killing, murder, forced expulsion, torture, removing or forcing of movement of population, imprisonment and harsh imprisonment, etc...And then they read him Law 406, which states that the death penalty goes to anyone who kills intentionally.
There it is, my Freaky Darlings. Death is on the line, and for these men and there will be no escaping it.

1102 gmt
Jimmy Carter once said "The sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world." And he was right, for the most part.

(Saddam Please Not Guilty-Innocent...All defendants plead same.
That last bit just came in on Fox...Won't be on the vid for about 20 mins)

This trial, this is global broadcast, coming from a heavily fortified former Baath party headquarters, in the Green Zone in Baghdad, is the first time in Arab History a Leader is being tried for War Crimes. Imagine what those poor bastards on the Arab Street must feel like, right now, watching this. It's Ramadaan over there -A long ass day of fasting- What a way to end the day. To have to watch images of their former Glorious Leader as he gets spanked for all to see on a defendants dock like a common criminal. But it gets worse...Because they can't even have a glass of tea to wash down the bitter bile of resentment, or smoke a stone of tobacco in a water pipe, to let the sound of the bubbling drown the sound of their choked back sobs. Now, that's just cruel.



The vid of the judge reading the charges is in. Much of what they reported before on Fox. Judge basically reads them the Gang Law and told them that they're going to be fighting for their lives here.
This certainly clears up much of the speculation that has circulated for months about how this trial will play out. They are going after him for an incident in Dujail, on Thursday, July 8, 1982, because they have solid evidence on him to convict him. By putting the death penalty on the line, if he/they are found guilty on this matter, then it trumps the others because a man can only die once for any number of crimes.
The judge tried to go one by one and they all pleaded innocent on the charges of the executions.
It gets real quiet in the courtroom after that.
The judge then asks the attorney General to reads the charges. But they lost audio.

1135 gmt

Saddam is looking shiftier and shiftier as the prosecutor makes his opening statements.

1151 am gmt

well, You're on your own on this for the time being, my Freaky Darlings. I need some huevos rancheros and a couple of cold ones to face this kind of savagery in the morning. Let's face it, the AG was no where near as entertaining as Saddam

1215 am gmt

Court adjourned until Nov. 28

Defense has until then to get these guys heads out of the noose.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Attack on Smurf Village Leaves Dozens Smurfed

The Work of Gargamel?

Last week a Smurf Village was the target of an unprecedented air raid that left dozens of it's tiny residents smurfed and homeless.

Gargamel, who has lodged several protests with the U.N. over what he calls "an infestation of the most grotesque kind" upon his sovereign territory in the Woods, and who has had his attempts at expelling them smurfed repeatedly, is the chief suspect in the attack.
Smurf press2 Brainy Smurf, who, until now had been heading the Smurf delegation to the peace talks, told a press conference this morning, "We Smurfly protest this insidious and most unsmurfed attack on our homes," and he vowed that the attack "will be met with the swiftest and smurfiest reaction." He, then, left the peace talks, being held at the Castle, to return, with great haste, to the site of the devastation.
The fate of Smurf patriarch and political leader Papa Smurf, who was believed to be in the village at the time of the attack, is not known for certain, however video footage captured by a UNICEF camera crew has shed a grim shadow on his whereabouts. Last year Kofi Annan vowed to help the Smurfs end this decades long territorial dispute.

Balthazar Balthazar, spokesman for Gargamel had this to say: "We are wizards, not bomb builders. This is the work of some other agent or agencies. We categorically deny that this was the work of Gargamel."

Although Gargamel has used all manner of gadgets and spells to expel the Smurfs in past decades this use of heavy ordinance would mark a significant escalation of arms. This has led investigators on a trail of arms suppliers, including putting a freeze on longtime supplier of bombs, anvils and gadgets, Acme Corp.
In a press release, Acme Corp. noted that "Our bombs are for squashing, not blowing up. Although we do provide explosives such as barrels of gun power and dynamite, the only bombs we market are those round things with the hissing fuses."
CA9M0DYY <--An example of the bombs that devistated the Smurf Village.

InvestigationAn investigation into the raid has led Anti-terror operatives to arrest this man:


Major Bludd, formerly of the Cobra corporation has been implicated in several other terror attacks including the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Captain Caveman and a thwarted bomb attempt of the Cartoon Network. Spokesman for the Cobra Corp., Tomax and Xamot,cgcomm deny any involvement with either the attack, or Major Bludd.
"Cobra corporation has nothing to hide," said Tomax. "In this matter," Xamot finished. "We had nothing to do with it." Also, they provided investigators with information linking Major Bludd to this man:Destro%20by%20Battlemonkey
James McCullen Destro XXIV
"Major Bludd had fallen on hard times," says Veritas Military Analyst Gen. Clayton Abernathy (ret.)Veritas Analyst "He was found hiding in a hovel in Bedrock with Monchi-chi hooker and a fifth of cheap rum. In the past he has had close ties with Destro because no one else would have anything to do with him." Said General Abernathy. "Make no mistake, whoever did this will never give, they'll stay til the fight's won."

Investigations are on going and Veritas will keep you posted on further developments as they arise.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This is good to know...

I'll bet every nation thinks that they have the best military...and far be it from me to disparage that...But, in a world where everyone in the world seems like they're out to get us...From the Raving Islamist killers to packs of Rabid Canadians...Thank God we have The United States Marine Corp

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Orgasmic Simulator

A friend sent this to me. I think it's pretty accurate.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fulla something....

The early indoctrination of brainwashing must be mandatory in the Muslim culture. I just don't know what to say really. I suppose the rest of the world isn't all that different with the constant display of the perfect women, i.e. tall blonde and buxom, or brunettes, redheads, etc all looking like Victoria's Secret models. However, this doll looks like it's Fulla shit to me. Till next time my freaky darlings.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Veritas Says Good-Bye to USA Today

As of tomorrow the USAToday news feed to this site will no longer be available. We here at Veritas, will miss their coverage, but not to fear, My Freaky Darlings, we've got you covered with links powered by We will be playing around in the coming days to see which of their feeds are most popular. We would love your input so feel free to suggest or complain.

Nazi's Worst Nightmare Simon Wiesenthal- dead at 96

I saw a movie a while back where Marty Landau played Mr. Wiesenthal. Anyway, that was years ago, and others have played him in other movies. But that's how much of a legend this man really was. His was a rightious Justice...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Well Shiver Me Timbers, It's National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Gar! My Freaky Darlings, It's National Talk Like A Pirate day so Indulge your inner pirate. Go forth, Me Hearties, and SPREAD THE WORD! Today you are allowed to tell that annoying bitch in Supply to "Avast or be keel hauled!" and that prick from Sales to "Gar! Be quit of yer moanin n' walk the plank".
Feel free to leap at someone with a rubber knife and demand "Be ye friend or be ye foe?"
Today, make a pact with someone and be "True as the North Star".
Today, sincerely say to someone, "I Like the cut of your jib".
Tell them that the situation is "yar".
Look around all secretive like and offer to "Share me buried tresure, ah will."
If the deal goes sour then invoke "Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons!" and demand a break for some rum.
Today, Drink Much Rum.
Find six different ways to say the word "Gar!"
SMH Pirates
If anyone says anything about it look at them as if they have insulted your ship, draw a knife and, with a bloodlurdling yell, lunge at their throat...stop at the last moment and ask them to repeat the unsult...pause and break for some blackjacks of grog.
At some point in the day, anounce, with rancour and ire, to someone that you will "see them in Davy Jone's Locker."
Today, when disrobing your partner warn them to "Prepare to be boarded!".
Refer to the moron that cuts you off on your way from work as a "Scurvy dog!"
Remember, my Freaky Ship-Mates, that inside each and everyone last one of you there is a pirate, waiting to break out.
And above all don't forget....
Just exactly what can you do with a Drunken Sailor?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11 Commission Report

I'm posting a link ot the .pdf version of this text because I've got the sneaking suspicion that the people who still have questions may have simply never taken the time to read it. It's important to remember that this commission was convened at the behest of the Families of the victims and was concluded, for the most part, to their satisfaction.
The failings and faults that this commission points out faar scarier than any half assed comspiracy theory that those nuts could come up with in their wildest alien filled nightmares.
To be perfectly honest, I'm posting this because I'm tired of having all these halfwits defending cracked pot ideas without ever having really heard what the Official Report on the matter had to say. And quite frankly, that hairbrained vontz who had something to say about the "sick and tired" post,brought up a good point...The Whole thing Stinks.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sick, Tired, and Quite Frankly, Pissed off

For Years I have been involved in the Alternitive media and the Conspiracy community. Paranoia, I used to say, isn't a flaw, it's a survival trait. I consider it not only a God Given Right to question authority but A Sacred Duty to do so. In the past few years, however, I have noticed a disturbing trend among the various Alt.nets and Conspiracy Forums.
I call it the 9/11 Hoax. I won't waste time going into it or offering links to anything other than one board in particular, because I think you either know what I'm talking about or will have no problem finding it in a google search. In a nutshell, these nuts basically are saying that the US Gov masterminded it, or perhaps a "shadow Gov" etc etc, but either way are, in effect trying to exhonerate Al Quaeda for the foul dark deeds. Also, there is a bunch of hokum over what hit the Pentegon. Most of these brainless dweebs seem to think it was some kind of missile and, on the whole, blame the US goverment for what happened. In other words, that not only did the Government masetermind and pull off this whole event but it was done for some sinister reason.
I'm sure many of you who follow the fringe element have come across this at one time or another. Allow me to let some of these Morons to speak for themselves:
  • here

  • Now, although Isis goes on like an emtpy coconut on the first page, check the posts by Zejith_Themis. Pay close attention to the swooping twists of logic in his cleverly worded posts.
    He's not trying to get to the Truth, he's trying to spread Disinformation. Now, I can understand ignorance but the ignorant generally, when faced with the truth, tend to ammend their errors. Not these people. These people aren't ignorant, they are malicious. Disinformation in the Alternative media is something that I have been trying to follow for some time now and it's not getting any easier.
    Now, My Freaky Darlins, you know me. I can believe that there was a plot to Kill Kennedy. I can believe that there are things in our ancient History that are not yet fully understood. I am even open to the idea that, yes, there are indeed UFO's and that Aliens, for some perverted reason, are coming all this way to stick probes up rural peoples asses.
    This one, however, crosses the line. While on the surface it seems that these intellectual giants are trying to convincee the world that we did this to ourselves they are, actually, trying to exhonerate Al-Qaeda and that THAT I cannot stand.

    Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    This is terribly sad

    I read this and it helped make the devistation seem so much more perminant.

    For up to the minute Hurricane information watch a live Louisiana news feed from WDSU.Com at
  • WDSU.Com
  • Monday, August 29, 2005

    Le Bullshit- France Declares War on Big Tex Armstrong

    This is typical of of the French. Lance Armstrong took some pills back in 99 to ease the agony of 3 kinds of cancer when he won his First of Seven Tour de France titles and now they dig up the sample and cry foul. How does one say Sour Grapes in French?
    Face it, This man is phenominal.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    Las Vegas SUN: U.S. Fighter Jet Bombs Australia Building

    Yeah, well, work of advice, Jocko....Don't piss off the Marine Corp...They do that kinda stuff fer fun....

    Friday, August 12, 2005

    It's only rock and roll but..

    The Stones, who are due out on a US tour later this month rocked out in Toronto, where they have been gearing up for this, quite probably, their last International tour, as well as maybe, their last Album release.
    IF so, then, by all reports (see link) they are going to go out with style, strut, and straight up rock n roll. I don't care what people say about them, or the jokes they make. Rock and Roll will never die, and of that, my freaky darling, you may be assured.

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    Bibi Goes Bye Bye

    Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu has quit his position as Finance Minister over the whole proposed pull out of disputed territories in occupied Palistine. Whatta Cry baby. I am still not convinces they have any title to that piece of property.

    By the look of it some would seem to agree.

    This Disengagement is going to be interesting.

    Sunday, July 31, 2005

    THe Lady Speaks the Truth

    ...And when she says it you know she knows what she's talking about...

    Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    Rock Hard Cock

    So here we have proof that cave women were wild things in the sack. Gotta love that Neolithic labido. I mean just look at this thing:


    And maybe you thought that the rubber fist was over board...Here we have actual evidence that being a pervert is the natural state of things. Besides that, I think "Cave Woman Dildo" I think right away of Daryl Hannah in Clan of the Cave Bear:


    Yes, My Freaky Darlings...Life is Good.

    Friday, July 22, 2005

    Anybody Got A Problem With This?

    I have no problem with this. War is hell. It's not so pretty when the glove is on the other hand, now is it? One Thousand Years of Mutual Culteral Indifference, eh, My Freaky Darlin'?
    We're witnessing a New Crusade, I mean Jihad is pretty much Arabic for Crusade...And no...That's not so pretty either but Don't Panic.
    We here at Veritas want you to be prepared for this event so, as a public service, we offer

    Top Ten Reasons To Bomb Mecca...

    10- The Explosion would make a fantastic Finale for Dick Clarks Final Rock'n New Years Bash
    9- I'm not willing to give up the Sports Illustrated Swim-suit issue for the Wet Burka issue.
    8- Because bacon tastes good...Pork chops taste good....
    7- Every Year during the Hajj they cast stones at the devil...Let's just finish the job once and for all....
    6- Because Martyerdom isn't free and Paradise doesn't come cheap
    5- 4 words...."Forty cents a Gallon"
    4- Because once a week every Sunday is already tearing into my schedual...5 Times a day? You have got to be kidding me....
    3- Would be perfect site for the Lovely new "Trump Pilgramage Galleria East: Shopping Community and Resort"
    2- 60 million Infedels Can't be Wrong
    1- To keep this:

    From Happening.

    Let's help Keep this all a joke and just say no to Holy War. Remember, my Freaky Darlings, No matter what anyone tells ya...There is No Such Thing as a Holy War.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2005



    James "Scotty" Doohan

    One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

    With those words Neil Armstrong put into perpective the sense of hope mankind had for the space program. It was 36 years ago today those words were said. Today we still struggle to maintain a habitable enviroment in space. A launching pad for the next leap into the galactic neighborhood so to speak.

    The neighbors think Earthlings are the funniest things. How funny are we? How funny is it when the neighbors kid puts aluminum foil all over a cardboard box and buys some model rocket engines and says he is going to blast himself into space?

    I think we will never live to see mans greatest achievement, and that is to actually meet our neighbors. That should not stop us from allowing the next generation to be able to do so though.

    When you think of the words Neil Armstrong spoke when he first landed on the moon think of all the possibilties for the future of mankind.
    Thanks Neil! I hope it isn't our last great step.

    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    This Doesn't Look Good

    Sooner or later China is going to start feeling brave and they're going to ask us to Dance. If Iraq is a distraction from anything at all it's probably to keep us from noticing how China is giving us the stink eye.

    Monday, July 18, 2005

    Tantaene Animis Caelestibus Irae

    "On top of a severe drought, France is fighting a plague of hundreds of thousands of locusts. "

    United Press International�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

    How symbolic is this? No, I have absolutely no sympathy for them. It's a punishment from the gods over Chiracs senseless prattle.

    Sunday, July 17, 2005

    Khufu's Tomb Still Inside the Pyramid?

    Maybe, says Dr. Zahi. Of course there's any number of things one could find in there and Egyptologists everywhere wish that something new will be found in the Great Pyramid, but wish in one hand, spit in the other and see which one fills up first.

    The Daily Star - Arts & Culture - The Great Pyramid may still contain Khufu's intact pharaonic tomb

    Friday, July 15, 2005

    Is This a Threat?

    Well, tell us something we don't know...

    Wednesday, July 13, 2005

    News of Hunter's Funeral


    Johnny Depp is going to pay to have Dr. Gonzo's remains shot out of a cannon. We should all get downwind and wait for it.

    Loud Goodbye for Hunter Thompson - New York Times

    Mama Cass?



    Thursday, July 07, 2005

    Terror Strikes London

    London Blasts Set Off Chaos, Confusion

    As if the Brits hadn't suffered enough indignity this week, 4 murder-bombers exploded themselves along the London Transit system. These are savage days, my Freaky Darlings, and none of us is safe anymore.

    Wednesday, July 06, 2005

    I may not agree...But I can Understand

    Six years int too bad on a rap like that. He could be out in 2 with good behavior. Amen. Fiat justitia and all that rot.

    Tuesday, July 05, 2005

    End the Hate...

    Berlusconi's playboy quip irks Finland - MSNBC Wire Services -

    What the hell is up with a all this Finn Bashing?

    Amazing Catfish

    Yahoo! News Photo: "Thai fishermen have caught this giant catfish believed to be the world's heaviest living freshwater fish but died and was eaten after environmentalists and officials negotiated for its release to allow it to spawn"


    I'd have filleted it, dunked it in a swimming pool of beer batter, deep fried it in a ginormous fryer, set up 3 kegs, and invited EVERYONE over...

    Chirac NO on Finn Food, Burgers "No where near as bad"

    In a suprise and unprevoked fit of anti-Finnish fervor yesterday, President Jaque Chirac of France declared the Finns to have the worst food in Europe. In an simarlarly suprising fashion he also suggested that the United States is a better ally than the Brits by declaring that hambergers were no where near as bad as British cuisine, just after suggesting that "You can't trust people who cook as badly as that." Yes, my Freaky Darlings, it's time to start calling them French Fries again because it looks like they like us better than the our British friends. Well, Tom Cruise did hold his engagement stunt in Paris so they owe us big.


    Monday, July 04, 2005


    Originally uploaded by adrastas.
    God Bless America and Death to All Her Enemies.

    Tuesday, June 28, 2005

    Where to Pick up Lutheran Chix July 5-10

    I'm not entirely certain this is the town to be having this. I mean, we're a Catholic town that loves to party. The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention center is right across the street from the Riverwalk and only a short hop from the bar part of it. If I get the chance I'll head down there and see how many photographs I can get of liquored up Lutheran women staggering around the River with the locals, looking lost and fairly pleased with themselves. With luck, I'll even get some footage of one of them trying to dance.

    Monday, June 27, 2005

    Guess Who's Back?

    Well, it had to happen sooner or later...We all knew it would wander back out of the wilds of Tejas again. That's right, My Freaky Darlings, It's back...You know him and you love him...It's been hiding out since October.
    In that story there was reports of another one of these things that got away. Same one, I wonder? Notice at the end of the clip as it slinks away.. Odd that it stayed away for the Winter...
    Whatever it is, it does not at all look happy.

    Sunday, June 26, 2005

    This Looks Like Trouble


    "China is building its military forces faster than U.S. intelligence and military analysts expected, prompting fears that Beijing will attack Taiwan in the next two years, according to Pentagon officials."

    As long as the United States does not interfere with China's plans at reunification then this should have no effect on us. But let's face it, my Freaky Darlings, it's more likely that we will protect our interests in Taiwan.
    The thing to remember is that China thinks they have a superior culture. They are the Children of the Revolution, good little Maoists who are, at their core, opposed to Capitolism and the Western Way of Life. Sooner or later, these bastards are going to realize they need some elbow room and they're just going to try and take it. Do you think we'll be ready?

    Saturday, June 25, 2005

    Spurs Finals Memories Video

    This excellent video comes courtesy of the NBA and A Link to the whole site has been added to the right and will stay there as long as this site is up.
    Well the celebration at the Alamodome was spectacular. About 60,ooo screaming Spurs fans turned out to cheer the team. One of the nights high points was when Brent Barry got Tony Parker up to rap in French.
    It's over for another year and we can get back to the serious business of watching the rest of the world fall apart. Lets recap some of the stuff that we missed while we watched the NBA Playoffs.

    Wack-O Jack-O Was Aquitted
    Like someone on the Jury said: It doesn't make him innocent. What was really sad is that he thinks his pity ploy worked. He reacted like a spoiled child. I'd say that that's all he really is but then that would just be too sick to fathom. He's not. He's a twisted pervert who happened to have written/performed some good songs a long time ago. Personally, I think he deserves to be tarred and feathered. Something public and something meaningful. Maybe we could subject him to "Billy Jean" for several hours on end until what's left of his face melts.

    Several Large Earthquakes Rocked California and the Pacific West
    Maybe some deity of justice was angry because the fool above got away with it. Or maybe the Big One is near. Actually, quakes seem to be on the rise world wide all of this year. Volcanic activity as well. I wonder...If people were told that, yes, indeed, the BIG ONE was on its way...would it make any difference? I doubt it. People would just go about their daily lives and after the it hit they would do what they always do and bitch about the Government because it failed to coddle them out of harms way.

    Doctor Who Season One ended
    As much as the last 7 episodes built it up the Dalek invasion was kind of weak though visually excellent. The "Bad Wolf" thing could have been done better. I mean with this much build up: -
    You would have thought it would have been more that what it seems to have turned out to have been. Another thing, whats the deal with Captain Jack? Rumor is that he will return halfway through season 2 and be the primary companion for season 3, which is as far as the series has so far been signed.

    More to Follow....

    Friday, June 24, 2005


    Originally uploaded by adrastas.
    That's it, baby. The San Antonio Spurs have beat the Detroit Pistons 81-74. Things looked grim until about 2 minutes into the the 4th quarter and then, something happened. Ginobili makes a dunk and then, for the next 2 and a half minutes or so, the game was a challenge of defense. No one scored. A desperate struggle insued because the Spurs and their fans could see it coming together. Horry sank a 3 at 8:22 then and Detroit must have felt something happening too because they struggled to keep it together for another lag of another nearly 2 minutes until Bruce Bowen made a 26ft three pointer.
    This was about where the Fat Lady took her place on the stage. For the last three minutes of the game the Detroit bench looked stunned and saddened because it seemed that they knew what was about to happen. They could almost see their whole season and their whole post season effort swirl down the drain.

    When the Buzzer Sounded the Rightful NBA Champms had regained their throne.

    SPURS 81-74

    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    The Fat Lady Warms Up

    We're getting ready for the game tonight and there is a sense of manic fatalism here. One way or the Other it's about to end. For the first time in years the NBA Finals comes down to a game 7. I'm in a hurry here so I'll make this quick. Spurs by 5

    Wednesday, June 22, 2005

    San Antonio Confidant about NBA win

    During yesterdays loss to the Pistons some one in San Antonio had scrawled across the top of the Pistons dry erase board in their locker-room the words :"The Parade is schedualed for Thrursday".

    But it will have to be reschedualed. Yesterdays loss has not dimmed the anticipation of another NBA title. All over the city today people are already planning parties and celebrations and it leads me to think that, no matter what happens, there's gonna be a party here.

    "If Detroit can beat you at home once," said one Piston fan. "Then we can do it again tomorrow night. There's nothing to be done about it. I know for a fact that The Pistons have it in the bag. They stopped off at a voodoo lady for some help from Legba. They got that extra help on their side."
    Well, yes. That could happen but San Antonio is a team that is not accostomed to back to back losses and certainly not at home. It'll be important for the Spurs to remember that in tomorrows game they'll need to keep working that Defense because the Pistons are going to come in with theirs to a peak.

    There's no chance for Detroit. The Spurs are going to take it. I don't need any magic or voodoo to tell me that. I had a friend from LA last year that hooted with glee when Fisher's .4 second shot took us out of the running from last years playoffs. This year there wasn't even a Lakers team. Pay back is a bitch. Detroit is going to find that out the hard way tomorrow night.

    Tuesday, June 21, 2005

    Stunned San Antonio Waits For Thursday

    Disaster. Somewhere in the third quarter it was obvious that things were going to go badly for the Spurs. By the Start of the 4th a pall had fallenl over the city like a sudden summer storm. How had things gone so badly in game 6?
    Simple. The Spurs left Detroit with after game 5 with a skin of the teeth win and no other plan than to prevail somehow in game 6. Detroit showed up in San Antonio to win because that would be something that they have not done this century.
    According to one serious Spurs Watcher: "This is just part of their master plan. They are going to wait until the last quarter of the last game to win it. This is how the Spurs always run it."

    Well, as long as they win it in the end. I'm going to go drown out my sorrows at the nearest ice house.

    Do Or Die For Pistons in Game 6 in San Antonio

    There has been a palpable energy in the air all over the city today. Anticipation is heavy as the fans are gathering at the SBC center, and in bars, ice houses, cantinas, patio's and living rooms all over San Antonio.

    The bets are placed, the beer is chilled, the chicken wings are hot and we're an hour to game time. My prediction:
    The Spurs are going to Close it Out tonight to become 3 time champs.

    Monday, June 20, 2005

    Big Shot Rob Comes Through With the Trey, Spurs Take game 5 in OT, 96-95

    Originally uploaded by adrastas.
    Nail-biter. Heart-Attack Tension. Drop Dead Heat. Game 5 of the NBA finals could be described in several ways but in San Antonio there is only one word to describe it: "Win".

    After struggling to keep up with the reigning NBA Champion Detroit Pistons, the San Antonio Spurs pulled it together late in the 4th quarter to push the game into over Over Time. This is where things got really interesting.

    With 5.8 seconds left in OT Horry, who suffered a minor left shoulder strain on an already tested wound, inbounded the ball. This is the moment that cost the Pistons the series. Rasheed Wallace seemed all set to guard Horry, the leading clutch 3 point shooter in NBA Finals History, when all of a sudden he turned to double team Ginoblili. Ginoblili passed back to Horry as if the ball were a rabid ferret in heat, and the Legend of Big Shot Rob was solidified in the Annals of NBA Finals History.

    "The plan was for me to take it to the rim," said Ginoblili after the dust settled. "I saw Rasheed coming and and went back to Robert." Said Horry, "I was supposed to get out and Manu cut to the basket and Rasheed bit." Later he said: 'Oh, let me stay out here." And so he stayed out there and, with the confidence of one who holds 5 NBA tital rings, set, planted and sunk a huge 3-pointer that led to the Spurs Win. "It's the Play Offs, Man," he said.

    In fact, the whole game, Horry kept the Spurs in the game with his clutch 3's. It's what he's good at. It's his thing. It was Timmy who seems to have dubbed him "Big Shot Bob".
    "Tim's a jerk," said Horry, all smiles, after the game. Turns out he doesn't like to be called "Bob" or "Bobby", but Tim, with grins, keeps at it. "It's just not me," said Horry. Either way, he can't dispute the "Big Shot" part because he is just a few threes away from the all time leader for 3's in playoff history.

    "It's Bobby Horry," said Timmy. "He does whatever he wants to do. He's Big Shot Bob." Horry scored 21 of San Antonio's final 31 points.

    Say's Pistons coach, Larry Brown "I'm damned if i'd let my guy take a 3." He'd have had him go to the rim and hope for a foul. No. Not for the Spurs. Not tonight. Tonight, the Spurs were after the Rings.

    After the game winning shot the Pistons had one last chance but Tony Parker kept Hamilton from firing off a good shot and the ball was rebounded by Bowen with .1 seconds left. Somewhere, the Fat Lady hit her note and it was all over in Auburn Hills.

    Now the Pistons are faced with a depressing fact. Says Larry Brown, "We haven't won down there in a long time." The Pistons have lost ten games in a row in San Antonio and the next two games are in San Antonio.

    As soon as I made it home if found that each person that I'd lost big to on the last two games had called me. They're worried. I rolled over all my winnings from the last series onto this one but only with the option to roll over my losses on the series. They know what the Pistons know. They're in trouble.

    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    Crazy talk from a Former Bush Aide

    This kind of talk is the worst possible kind of propaganda. I mean I'm as paranoid as any post modern news junkie but this makes every serious conspiracy enthusiast look bad. This one has absolutely no foundation on which to stand and should be smashed at every available chance.
    This just goes to show, My Freaky Darlings, that even the well-connected and well educated are getting more paranoid about the way things are going. It doesn't, however, make him right.

    "A former Bush team member during his first administration is now voicing serious doubts about the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9-11. Former chief economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term Morgan Reynolds comments that the official story about the collapse of the WTC is "bogus" and that it is more likely that a controlled demolition destroyed the Twin Towers and adjacent Building No. 7. Reynolds, who also served as director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas and is now professor emeritus at Texas A&M University said, "If demolition destroyed three steel skyscrapers at the World Trade Center on 9/11, then the case for an 'inside job' and a government attack on America would be compelling." Reynolds commented from his Texas A&M office, "It is hard to exaggerate the importance of a scientific debate over the cause of the collapse of the twin towers and building 7. If the official wisdom on the collapses is wrong, as I believe it is, then policy based on such erroneous engineering analysis is not likely to be correct either. The government's collapse theory is highly vulnerable on its own terms. Only professional demolition appears to account for the full range of facts associated with the collapse of the three buildings."


    UPI Hears... - (United Press International)

    For a more in depth view of Mr. Reynolds work plase visit:

    Spurs Lose, Series Tied 2-2

    Depressing Loss in Detroit. San Antonio in Shock.
    More to Follow

    Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    Score Spurs 79 Pistons 96


    Detroit Batters Down Spurs

    I knew that the Spurs would probably lose one in Detroit but I never expected them to lose this badly. It was a rough scene out there tonight. Detroit lived up to their reputation for hard playing and hard fouls. Within the first thirty seconds of the game Ginobili took a hard knee and was out for several minutes allowing the Pistons to rush forward to take command. Worse, it threw off his shooting for the rest of the game.
    In 13 finals games the Spurs have never let an opponant score more than 90. Tonight that changed. With two more games left in Detroit San Antonio has got to get it together and come back on the next game. With tonights loss it's important to remember that this doesn't put the Spurs out of the series but it certainly puts Detroit back in it.
    Score to follow....

    Monday, June 13, 2005

    UFO Seeking Hacker Arrested

    I heard that this guys friends say that he found "thousands" of UFO related files on Government computers. Above all, the question remain, Why is the US Gov still investigating these things if they do not pose a threat to national (global?) security?

    This is LONDON
    08/06/05 - News and city section

    World's biggest hacker held
    By Rob Singh, Evening Standard

    A London man described as the "world's biggest computer hacker" has been arrested.

    Gary McKinnon, 39, was seized by the Met's extradition unit at his Wood Green home.

    The unemployed former computer engineer is accused of causing the US government $1billion of damage by breaking into its most secure computers at the Pentagon and Nasa. He is likely to be extradited to America to face eight counts of computer crime in 14 states and could be jailed for 70 years.

    The former Highgate Wood comprehensive-pupil was granted bail today at Bow Street Magistrates' Court.

    Most of the alleged hacking took place in 2001 and 2002. At one stage the US thought it was the work of the al Qaeda terror network.

    Friends said that he broke into the networks from his home computer to try to prove his theory that the US was covering up the existence of UFOs.

    He is accused of a series of hacking offences including deleting "critical" files from military computers. The US authorities said the cost of tracking him down and correcting the alleged problems was more than £570,000. The offences could also see him fined up to £950,000 if found guilty on all charges.

    He was arrested yesterday evening but the US first issued an indictment against him in November 2002.

    Prosecutor Paul McNulty alleged that McKinnon, known online as "Solo," had perpetrated "the biggest hack of military computers ever". He was named as the chief suspect after a series of electronic break-ins occurred over 12 months at 92 separate US military and Nasa networks.

    McKinnon was also accused of hacking into the networks of six private companies and organisations.

    It is alleged that he used software available on the internet to scan tens of thousands of computers on US military networks from his home PC, looking for machines that might be exposed due to flaws in the Windows operating system.

    Many of the computers he broke into were protected by easy-to-guess passwords, investigators said. In some cases, McKinnon allegedly shut down the computer systems he invaded.

    The charge sheet alleges that he hacked into an army computer at Fort Myer, Virginia, where he obtained codes, information and commands before deleting about 1,300 user accounts.

    Other systems he hacked into included the Pentagon's network and US army, navy and air force computers.

    Reports when he was first indicted said that McKinnon found his career as a computer engineer tedious.

    One message updating old schoolfriends on a website read simply: "Computers (Yawn)".

    Friends said he was desperate to prove that the Americans had mounted a huge cover-up to deny his belief that aliens had visited earth.

    Andrew Edwards, who has known McKinnon since their days together at Highgate Wood comprehensive, said in 2002: "Gary told me all he was doing was looking for proof of a cover-up over UFOs.

    "He's been interested in UFOs for some time and believes the Americans are holding back information - although he didn't find any proof."

    Outside court, his solicitor Karen Todner said he was disappointed it had taken the authorities this long to bring him to court.

    She said: "This decision for extradition is driven by the American government. Mr McKinnon intends to contest this case most vigorously.

    "Of particular concern to him is the treatment of other British nationals under the American judicial system which inspires little confidence.

    "We believe that as a British national, he should be tried here in our courts by a British jury and not in the US."


    Find this story at
    ©2005 Associated New Media

    Sunday, June 12, 2005

    Spurs Destroy Detroit Defense, Victorious in Game 2 97-76

    Originally uploaded by adrastas.

    Going into the 4th quarter it was all over for the Pistons. You could see it on their faces. They wore an expression much like Japanese pilots at the end of WWII that were welded into their cockpits. Despite a Detroit rally at the start of that quarter the Pistons could not whittle down the Spurs commanding lead enough to keep their effort alive long enough to make a decisive come-back.

    The celebrations in San Antonio began long before the clock ticked down to zero- in bars and cantinas, ice houses, patio's and decks all over the city Spurs fans erupted in jubilation. Fans here are two post season wins away from their third NBA Championship.

    So where do we go from here? To Detroit. It remains to be seen how the Pistons will perform on their home court but indications are good that Coach Larry Brown will need to revamp his teams defense to help keep Spurs like Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker from from penetrating for easy lay ups.

    The Spurs, for their part, know that there are no easy wins in this game. What fans saw tonight at the SBC center was the product of hard work, intense training and a near perfect effort on the court. The Spurs kept turnovers low and bolstered their already formidable defense with well defined and sustained attacks from Duncan and Parker on the inside, Bruce Bowen from the outside and Manu Ginobli anywhere he could get off a shot. In fact, Super G didn't miss a shot until the middle of the 4th quarter, by which time the Spurs had a firm grasp on a win, leaving the Pistons stumbling around and trying to salvage what, for them, turned into a near total blow out.

    With a 2-0 lead in the Finals the Spurs are in a tricky position now. Coach Popovich, one of Larry Browns former assistants, has led his team too far to let them choke up now. At this point he's locked into a Darth Vader-esque duel with his former mentor and it's important that he keep the up the momentum and daring he's shown in previous playoff games. Larry Brown, on the ot herhand, led his Pistons to victory over the Lakers in last years Finals with consistant steady and solid basketball, which, in the end, wore down L.A.s frenetic and energetic game.

    The phone is already ringing here as calls are coming in from friends and fellow fans and not a few Pistons followers who are now indebted to me as a result of the outcome of the game. Now, as the game has just ended I'm going to go and collect from the folks at the bar.

    Go Spurs Go.

    Spurs Destroy Detroit Defense, Victorious in Game 2

    Going into the 4th quarter it was all over for the Pistons. You could see it on their faces. They wore an expression much like Japanese pilots in WWII that were welded into their cockpits. despite a rally at the start of that quarter the Pistons could not whittle down the Spurs commanding lead enough to keep their effort alive.

    So where do we go from here? To Detroit. It remains to be seen how the Pistons will perform on their home court but indications are good that Coach Larry Brown will need to revamp his teams defense to help keep Spurs like Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker from from penetrating for easy lay ups.

    Now, as the game has just ended I'm going to go and collect from the folks at the bar.

    Now he tells me

    Important information for drinkers

    Thursday, June 09, 2005

    Spurs Rally in the 4th to beat Pistons 84-69

    Everything started out magnificently for Detroit on Thursday night at the SBC center in San Antonio. The reigning NBA champs held the Spurs at bay through the half but sometime during the third their vaulted defense began to crumble under a combined Spurs onslaught. Leading the way to bring out the tears in Detroit was Manu Ginobli who ran wild on the court building a commanding lead for the Spurs. Tony Parker was literally running circles around a suddenly confused looking Pistons team and by the time the last few minutes of the game ran down it was all a matter of beating the clock.

    "I don't worry when the Spurs are down," said one Spurs fan. "I worry when they're ahead."
    Why? Because the Spurs have a way of coming back when they really need it but they also tend to lose their leads sometime after the half. This time the Spurs, who didn't take a lead in the game until sometime in teh 3rd quarter, got it together just in time and went on to win game 1 of the NBA finals, leaving them 3 victories away from being the next NBA champions.

    Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | Wiltshire | Mysterious creature stalks city

    Well, does this sound familiar, my Freaky Darlings?

    "A mysterious creature described as a cross between a kangaroo, a leopard, a monkey and a cat is stalking Salisbury"


    This is a picture of a creature taken in East Texas. It is suspected, by some, to be the elusive Chupacabra. I'm still looking for more information on the Salisbury beast. If anyone has any idea or information please post a comment.

    Surprising Side Effects of Global Warming

    It sounds like the Death Knell, my Freaky Darlings. I'm betting this is going to be one scary year for weather.

    "As soon as the shots are fired, he's running down the block,"

    Sunday, June 05, 2005

    I'm Back, Baby

    Well, I'm back after about a week of dealing with technical difficulties. In that week the Spurs beat the Suns and are getting ready to start the Finals next week. Excellent. As soon as I can I will update the site to reflect the out come of the last two games. Until then I'll be out side by the pool bbq-ing.

    Friday, May 27, 2005

    The Signs are Clear...

    Last night I got a call from "Buck Redhorse", my sometimes spiritual advisor and drinking buddy. He said he was calling to warn me that he had seen the omens and the signs were clear: The Spurs were going to lose game 3 of the NBA playoffs against Phoenix on Saturday.
    It was well after midnight when he called and I was in no mood for games.
    "What have you been smoking, you freak?" I demanded. "Because no sober man would dare call me at this hour and make such a nightmarish prediction."
    "It's true," he said. "I saw it in a dream. I know about these things. Don't forget, man, I'm striaght off the Rez. Believe me, the Spurs? They're going to lose."
    "You'll excuse me if I don't cancel my bets over a dream," I told him, deciding that if he wasn't stoned then I was too sober.
    Buck isn't a bad guy but he's a relic for me, a reminder of a time in my life when such a warning would have sent me leaping for a lucky charm or some kind of totem to help dispel and ward off the ill-tidings. Buck is the otherway around. When he left the reservation as a young man he joined the military and never looked back until he started going myopic. After that he went back home and spent several years studying "Traditional Ways".
    "I saw it," He insisted. "I was in the dark, and I was stumbling around while these black birds flew all around me. They started pecking at me and there was nothing I could do. Then, suddenly, there was a man in a mask, who ran in on flaming feet. He started squashing the birds and they attacked him too but he was unstoppable. And then I saw a huge black bird with silver eyes and he was crying like that old indian in the litter commercial, like he was just to shocked to do anything but stand around and cry ."
    "The hell you say," I growled at him, ready to end the foolishness, but my curiosity got the better of me. "What the hell do you mean a man in a mask? The Lone Ranger has no jump shot."
    "Listen, fool, I know what I'm talking about," he said. "It can only mean one thing. "
    "That the Spurs are going to lose? I don't get it, Buck. It makes no sense."
    "You're not looking a the signs...It means Joe Johnson is going to play in game 3 and he's going to wear a plastic face guard to protect his injuries and that the Spurs are going down on Saturday."
    (Joe Johnson Story from MSN-
    I'd had enough of this old mans crap. "They still haven't got a prayer," I declared. "The Suns are doomed in San Antonio, and that's not a dream, that's the way it's going to be," I told him. "The hell with your masked man."
    I placed a side bet with him and hung up and afterward I sat out on the patio to do some serious drinking. I needed time to think about this sudden development. In the last two games the Spurs seemed to break a small sweat to beat the Suns in Phoenix but suddenly the fact that San Antonio is the best home team in the NBA didn't seem to matter as much as it had.
    The 6ft 7in, 23 year old, Johnson, who had his best season since his debut in 2001, was side-lined May 12 with a face fracture after being fouled by the Dallas Mavericks Jerry Stackhouse. In every match-up in the regular season he has done a superb job of guarding Tony Parker and is the Suns best 3-point shooter.
    Word on the street here has been subdued. I get the feeling that no one wants to say the word "sweep" for fear of putting the kaibosh on the next two wins. There is a lack of the usual hype. Fewer signs and banners on the streets and on cars, not as many people wearing Spurs gear, as if the city is holding its breath until after Saturdays game.

    And then it hit me: I was being psyched out. That crafty old man was trying to rattle my nerves. But why? It occured to me that Ol'Buck is always so fond of saying he's "Stright off the Rez" but it never occured to me to ask him where that reservation is, exactly. Arizona, perhaps? San Antonio's 2 away victories over the Suns were hard earned but clear-cut wins, and won with an effort I've not seen in them since they took the Rings in 2003. I called Buck back and told him off.
    "It's going to take a lot more than Joe Johnson and his damn mask," I told him, "to help save the Suns. There're demoralized and they're desperate and that's going to make all the difference in the world at the SBC center."
    "Believe what you want but the Suns are gonna shine, man."
    "Where exactly is that Reservation of yours, Buck?"
    Buck started to laugh. "Now, you're reading the signs."
    I upped the bet and hung up, once again confident that the Spurs have everything it takes to beat Phoenix.
    I gave up being superstitious. It's too much effort, really and it gives up too much authority over my life. I take no chances anymore because suprises can come at you at anytime. Last years loss to the Long Lost Lakers cost me more than dollars and you never really know what side anyone else is on, so I still won't predict a Sweep, but I will say that, no matter how the next game goes, the Suns have no place left to go but down.

    Oh, but how will they carve the Christmas Goose?

    BBC NEWS | Health | Doctors' kitchen knives ban call

    Where will it end? I mean one has to take action, yes, but isn't this a little extreme?

    Thursday, May 26, 2005

    Melius tarde, quam nunquam

    These charges have been brewing since it became clear that this wonky bird ran off and lied about being kidnapped. This should be a clear signal to bunny-boiling broads everywhere that their little piques and flights of whimsey that, for ages, have been used to excuse all manner of
    irrational activity, should no longer be tolerated.
    I mean, she needed alone time because she was under so much pressure from the wedding...Well, too freakin' bad. Are we to pity this foolishness? Deluth spent thousands of dollars in order to find her when they thought she was a victim of a crime. Not to mention how foolish all the well-meaning citizens who turned out to look for her must feel.
    Take a look at her story at
    and see what you think.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    Well, we knew that our San Antonio Spurs could do it but to see it happen just makes it all that much sweeter. In their own house, San Antonio rode in and shot it out to bring them up to a huge 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals. The entire regular season San Antonio and Phoenix were going back and forth on stats for the best team in the league. In the post season, however, stats no longer matter anymore and it's all about which team can go the distance. In the final game against Dallas the Spurs showed that they could out last and out distance their opposition. In game one against Phoenix the Spurs outplayed the Suns to a humiliating defeat and after tonight’s game, there is no more hope for the Leagues number one team.

    Sunday, May 22, 2005


    May 17, 2005
    Summary: Kudzu and Binge Drinking Study
    By The Associated Press
    POWERFUL PLANT: A small study suggests tablets made from the kudzu vine seem to curb the urge to keep drinking.
    HOW IT WORKS: Scientists aren't sure but say the plant appears to speed up the effects of alcohol, so less of it is needed to satisfy people who binge-drink.
    ALCOHOLICS' ANSWER? Scientists hope that one day kudzu's ingredients might lead to a drug that could help treat alcoholism.

    I mentioned this to a friend of mine in Georgia who said "Man, I'm not eating kudzu!"

    Anti-Terrorism- Egyptian Style

    May 21, 2005

    Egypt: Terror Ringleader Commits Suicide


    CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - The ringleader of three recent attacks that targeted Western tourists in Egypt has committed suicide, the prosecutor general said Saturday.

    The official said 27-year-old Ashraf Saeed Youssef died Friday in the hospital he'd been transferred to a week ago for treatment after hitting his head several times against the wall of his prison cell.


    This is what I was talking about a few days back. El Rais (da Prez) Hosni can't afford to take any chances considering how Sadat went out. This is how the Egypt I know and love used to take care of this sort of thing. It may not please the human rights advocates but they're not the ones who have to peddle crap to tourists to make a living. No tourists, no living. Let's call it, "Protecting Egypts National Interests".

    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Game Day

    It's after 11:00 am...and i've been awake all night...sleep is for suckers anyway, an over rated band-aid for the day. What does it matter anway, now? It's too late to do anything about it. The bets are made and the teams are preparing for tonights Showdown. It's do or die for Seattle and the Spurs. Sleep won't make much difference now anyway but, what the hell...

    Monday, May 16, 2005

    C. Wright Mills: The Power Elite

    C. Wright Mills wrote one of his most famous works, The Power Elite, at a time when the power structure of Post-World War II America was in a state of total flux. Having had a great interest in the writings of Karl Marx and Max Weber Mills expanded on their ideas of the growing unbalance of social stratification and rapid change. His Power Elite Model states that a powerful and unknown group that hold leading positions in military, business, and government make the important decisions, even in societies with seemingly democratic ideals. Although this was not a new idea it is interesting that Mills is the first credible academician to propose such a connection between, what he called, “Public Issues” and “Personal Troubles“.
    In 1864, a French satirist named Maurice Joly published a pamphlet called Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu in which he attacked Napoleon III. The plot of this story revolves around a fictitious demonic plot meant to represent the danger that the ruling class of France posed toward the people. Although probably plagiarized from other sources, Joly’s work is considered, by some, as the origins of an awful pamphlet used to justify some of the worst crimes of the 20th century, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
    This wholly anti-Semitic and fictitious pamphlet has surfaced and resurfaced all over the world, at various times, to scare people into scapegoating the Jewish populations, from Russia, to Germany, to a recent publication in the United States by industrialist Henry Ford between WWI and WWII. Although the myths surrounding the Protocols origins link it to any number of names in the conspiracy theorists notebook, such as the Knights Templar, the Bavarian Illuminati, the Jesuits, and the Masons, what is interesting to note is that any reference to Jews in it can be replaced by any of the above mentioned sources and it would lose none of its hateful impact.
    The Protocols “reveal” a sinister plot by powerful people to subjugate and subvert the populace by infiltrating their political, social, military, academic and financial institutions. The very existence of such propaganda reveals a deep fear which seems to have gone hand in hand with the Age of Revolution: a growing fear and distrust of the rich and the powerful ruling classes.
    Mills’ view that this Power Elite operates beyond the democratic process, are members of the same social class, with similar backgrounds, educations, and goals brings up the suddenly very real possibility that a small and secretive group of people can hold an unbalanced amount of power over everyone else to their own unknown ends.
    This takes on a darker significance when one looks at the events transpiring in the world, both at home and abroad, such as the Halliburton scandal, the connection with the Reagan administration and Iraq and the Taliban, and how so many of our own leaders, agencies, industrialists, scholars, financiers, and so on, are connected with groups which conspiracy watchers find recur again and again in different places and with different agendas but all with the same goal: Power.
    Mills was very critical with his contemporaries and peers because they did not take a more active role in helping bring about social change. He recognized that the emergence of new ways to control peoples beliefs, lifestyles and actions could very well threaten to chip away at the democratic freedoms in the United States and lead people into social and political indifference. For conspiracy watchers, this has already happened and so long as it continues the Power Elite will continue to hold the fate of our country, if not the world in their hands

    Things are Heating Up!

    NOAA News Online (Story 2437)

    Make sure you check out the image links on the above page. They're quite impressive.

    Sunday, May 15, 2005

    Spurs Meet Sonics in Game 4

    In just a few minutes the San Antonio Spurs will go head to head against the Seattle Supersonics in game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals. Although this game isn't a must win for San Antonio, it means life or death to Seattle.
    Fiesta Week is around the corner -A win on this game would go a long way in making it very festive indeed.

    New Links at the Right

    I've added a few new links over on the right for your entertainment and such. These are just a few of the places I spend my time searching for more wierdness. Yes, My Freaky Darlings... This is how I spend my time.
    Feel free to let me know what you think of anything you find on those sites...Please, share your thoughts with the rest of us.

    Friday, May 13, 2005

    Texans, We Find *any* Excuse for a Party

    Las Vegas SUN: Judge Apologizes for Courtroom Party: "Judge Apologizes for Courtroom Party

    DALLAS (AP) - A judge who threw a courtroom party with balloons and cake to celebrate the recapture of a man who fled during his trial has apologized after a state panel admonished her.
    Dallas District Judge Faith Johnson served ice cream and hung streamers for a court proceeding last year in which Billy Wayne Williams discovered he had been sentenced in absentia to life in prison.
    The State Commission on Judicial Conduct, which issued the public admonition, also discovered that Johnson had planned for a TV crew to capture Williams' expression when he entered the courtroom.
    'If my celebration of the return of fugitive Billy Wayne Williams offended any member of the community, I deeply apologize,' Johnson wrote in a statement released Thursday.
    In 2003, Johnson granted Williams a personal recognizance bond before he disappeared during his aggravated assault trial; he was captured nearly a year later. He was accused of choking his girlfriend to the point of unconsciousness.
    Johnson initially defended her actions, saying that getting a killer and abuser of women off the streets was reason to celebrate.


    Ah yes, Texas loves a party. The reason the Mexican forces retook San Antonio de Bejar without a shot in Febuary of 1836 was because the defenders were still partying from Crocketts arrival and Washingtons Birthday. I know people that have execution parties everytime the State executes an inmate. Once you've partied over that there's very little else for which one will not party.

    Spurs Stumble to the Sonics 91-92

    Well, the Spurs are still up 2 games to the Sonics 1 but Duncan should have made that last shot and avoided helping sink a shot for Seattle. Seattle's D was stronger this time than the last two games in Texas but with any luck the Spurs will find a way around them or through them next time.

    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Astrologer pissed at Comet Dissed

    Astrologer to sue NASA over comet plans. 07/05/2005. ABC News Online

    Okay, now this is just wacky. I mean I'll read my horoscope every now and again for shits and giggles but this is almost as bad as those nuts in Kansas who want to take evolution out of their text books. What's next? Will someone sue to have the law of gravity repealed? I tell ya, my freaky darlings, the world is getting stranger and the people on it dumber.
    We need an Exit Strategy.
    Any Ideas?

    CIA heading to the Rockies - LOCAL NEWS

    Like a state losing a national franchise team it seems that there are rumblings that the C.I.A. is moving it's operations to Denver. It would make sense. Denver is a lovely place. Among the Conspiracy circles there are people whispering all sorts of things but the truth is no one is certain if, or why this move is going to take place.
    One thing is for certain...It's not for the beer. Let's keep our ears and eyes open for further developments...

    Okay, so we know somethings going on out there but what?

    Area 51 Declassified

    Tuesday, May 10, 2005

    Spurs Kick Ass, Seattle Hopes

    The Spurs comanded a superb lead tonight against Seattle. The Sonics looked less than Super as they struggled against a masterful Spurs D, stumbling over their own players and hoping for Ref calls in their favor to even out the odds.
    No Such Luck. San Antonio commanded the game all the way through, leaving the Seattle weeping in their wake.

    In the Meantime

    I'm off to keep tabs on the spurs game tonight so I'll update when I get back.

    Well it was Disney, damnit...

    For those that expected more out of the Alamo Movie, I feel your pain. There was so much going for it...The potential for it to have been a visually stunning, historically sensitive, well-crafted work of art was completely shot out of a 20 pound cannon...For all the complains about it though...Remember, My Freaky Darlings, it was given the Disney Treatment. So, it seems that we will have to wait for someone more able and better visioned to, finally, give us a True Vision of the Grand Texican Epic.

    WorldNetDaily: Nickelodeon tells kids: Alamo fought for slavery

    WorldNetDaily: Nickelodeon tells kids: Alamo fought for slavery

    This is disgusting. Revisionist historians are the lowest kind of scum and it's even lower to try and pull this crap on our children. As far as I'm concerned one should do the research for themselves and come to their own concusions. That's another thing...what kind of stupid kids would get thei history from the channel who's gimmick is green sludge?

    Monday, May 09, 2005

    Proximo satis pro Administratio

    None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.
    --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    Freedom's just another word for Nothing Left to Lose...
    --Janice Joplin
    There's really no excuse for it. It's well into the start of the 21st century and nothing but nothing has been done yet. Alot has happened but, as Hem once said "Never mistake motion for action". And motion is all that went on today at Egypts Shura Council vote to reform the Egyptian election process. This is a big step for a country that, just ten years ago, was still, effectively, a military regime, albeit, one friendly to the United States.
    "Elsewhere, tho, members of Egypts outlaw party, The Muslim Brotherhood,
    demonstrated.:"Where is freedom? Security stands in the way," the protesters
    chanted. "The Muslim Brothers are imprisoned because of religion," others
    Mubarak is old and he knows it. There's a joke they tell in Egypt. It goes, "When Naguib chose a vice president he looked for someone dumber than he and found Nasser. When it came time for Nasser to choose a vice president he looked for someone dumber than he and he chose Sadat. Sadat, following the same tradition, looked for someone dumber than he and, for his vice president, he chose Mubarek. Mubarake has been president for24 years and has not yet chosen a vice president. He is still looking. "
    Since Sadat got himself offed in '81 at that parade out in Masr Gedida, Hosni hasn't faced serious opposition in these referendum elections. Back in the 1993 election there was already so much tension going on over there on the streets tht most people felt the whole process was a joke. If one cannot change it, said one guy, might as well laugh at it.
    That's the Egyptian attitude about such things. Ma'lesh, they say. Never mind, it doesn't matter. These things build up after some time. Who was it that said that reform is nothing but pressure and time? Da Hoz's critics want to paint him as some kind of Stalinist despot but don't be fooled. He's a private man but not by any means a tyrant.
    The opposition points to his harsh treatment during security round ups of suspected terrorists and their families but these tactics have kept Egypt a reletively safe place for tourists. Hosni has to do that. He must, above all, protect the tourist industry in Egypt.

    Sunday, May 08, 2005

    Game One In SA

    The San Antonio Spurs took down the Seatle Sonics at the SBC center tonight in front of a capacity crowd of cheering fans. The Spurs took charge and kept it, leading Seattle by as much as 30 points, breezing through a feeble defense and coming out to win game one in round 2 103 to 81.
    Yes, the Sonics have trouble. Trouble in the form of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. There seems to be better comminication going on on court among the team, this round, than they had against Denver. Although the boys in Silver and Black had fewer turn oversers this game than in game one of the last series, they also had fewer given shots out of them. So it's a whole different ball game now.
    I wish I could say something insightful and nice about Seattle but that can wait until after the series. For now, the only thing I can say is that they're good enough to have made it to play the Spurs.
    I started this hours ago and got side tracked by crap. It's now well after midnight here in the Alamo City and the night is grey and cool. It rained at last today, opened up in the middle of the morning and stayed grey until sometime in the mid afternoon. The evening got windier and the grey rolled around as tho it had never gone away.

    Monday, May 02, 2005

    The week and a Spurs game

    Just finished updating the backlogs while watching the spurs face off against the Denver Nuggets, in game 4 of the playoffs.


    Sunday, May 01, 2005

    Fundi's attack in Cairo

    Las Vegas SUN: 2 Attacks in Egypt Leave 3 Dead, 9 Hurt: "Today: May 01, 2005 at 0:51:39 PDT
    2 Attacks in Egypt Leave 3 Dead, 9 Hurt
    CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -
    0430egypt Two veiled women shot at a tour bus, and a man - the brother of one shooter and the fiance of the second - blew himself up as he leapt off a bridge during a police chase Saturday. All three attackers died and nine people, four of them foreigners, were wounded in an apparent revival of violence against Egypt's vital tourism industry.
    The attacks occurred within two hours and at locations just 2 1/2 miles distant.
    Those wounded by the explosion in the center of Cairo included an Israeli couple, a Swedish man and an Italian woman, along with three Egyptians. Two Egyptians were wounded in the shooting, which targeted a bus headed toward one of Cairo's most prominent historic Islamic sites.
    Egyptian authorities deny major militant groups have returned to violence and said Saturday's attacks were a result of its crackdown on a small militant cell it says carried out an April 7 suicide bombing in a Cairo tourist bazaar that killed two French tourists and an American.
    But the attacks deepened fears that militants are launching a new round of violence in Egypt, which saw a bloody campaign by Islamic extremists in the 1990s. After that campaign was suppressed, the country saw a lull in violence until October, when near simultaneous bomb blasts in two Sinai resorts killed 34 people. Then, on April 7, a suicide bomber targeted foreigners near the crowded Khan el-Khalili tourist bazaar in Cairo, killing two French citizens and an American. Eighteen people were wounded.
    Tourism is Egypt's biggest foreign currency earner, and the industry had made a strong recovery after the 1990s violence. "


    Well this is just typical of the Islamist fundimentalists in Egypt. They make it a family affair all the way through. A cousin dies in custody and suddenly it's blood fued. This is sillier than the gang wars of the mid 90's. And worse, this had to happen during peak tourist season. I wonder sometimes, if these fundi's think this stuff through or not. How is hurting their neighbors economy going to help them?
    With any luck Hosni will crush them fast and hard. As I recall there was never any doubt as to who is in control in Egypt. The Fundi's know it. They're afraid, lashing out blindly. Mubarek should continue with his round ups and use whatever methods it takes to quell this sort of thing as fast and as clearly as he can.
    Truth be told, Egypt is one of the safest of the North African countries in which to travel. With as many people that are there, as long as one plays it cool and smart, the odds of not being in a random terror attack are fairly good. There was always the threat of a bomb, or a random lone gunman, or some other such attack when I lived there and that never detered me from stomping terra.
    People whine about human rights without fully appreciating that, in some places, superfluous humanity makes violence and death easier than risking otherwise. This is the way it has always been. Tourists aren't allowed to see that from their bus windows. They don't put the prisons on the itinerary. Like anything else, though, just because it differs from our way of seeing things or doing them doesn't make it wrong.
    At this point all eyes are going to be on the upcoming elections. This should prove to be entertaining.

    Saturday, April 30, 2005

    Fiat justitia; ruat coelum

    This fool is still alive? Not only has the military not executed someone in nearly a century and so it's unlikely they will now, they say, but I feel they should have reserected a firing squad to ghost this fools murdering ass right after he did it. Line that cowardly traitorous Sgt. Hasan Akbar, 34, up against the Q8 sunset on some burm out there and TCB.

    System of the Stupid Gives Dizzy Bitch a slap on the wrist, sympathy

    Police: Ga. bride-to-be fabricated abduction tale - Crime & Punishment -

    This is just another example of how stupidity is getting rewarded in our backward American way of seeing the world. Imagine how much time and manpower and tax dollars were wasted on this foolishness. They should press charges.

    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    Steve Quayle News Alerts

    Steve Quayle News Alerts: "April 13, 2005
    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers
    What Does it Mean

    Strange reports have reached us today from our Arctic Regions describing thousands of missile launches from both Russian and American military forces, and from both land based and aircraft launched these missiles that are being directed out of the earth�s atmosphere into the outer space regions of our planets atmosphere.

    From various news services however there is being reported that Russia and the United States are conducting Missile Defense Wargames, and as we can read as reported by the Moscow Times News Service in their article titled 'Russia, U.S. Launch Joint Missile Defence Wargames', and which says, 'Russia and the United States have begun joint missile defence wargames aimed at protecting vital installations in a third country in the course of future international operations, a Russian Defence Ministry release said Monday. The wargames will last until April 23.

    According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the 4th Central Research Institute of the Ministry in Moscow is hosting the joint theater-wide ballistic missile defence (BMD) command-post exercise (CPX).'

    The strangeness to these missile launches is further compounded by the reporting of these events as being a part of defense wargame between Russia and the United States, and of which no one has had any prior knowledge of. Neither was there any announcement to the Russian peoples by the Defense Ministry prior to these launches, only afterwards when reports began to be received from these Arctic Regions has the Defense Ministry issued these reports of wargames.

    These reports are also coming at a time that the earth�s atmosphere is continuing to be bombarded by unknown cosmic blasts...."


    Okay, relax, my freaky darlings, for there is no substantial evidence of this taking place. If anyone knows anymore about this, though, I would be very interested in hearing from you.