Wednesday, August 02, 2006

“Six, after the war”

IDF commando’s attacked a hospital in Lebanon, today. Unverified reports accuse them of gunning down fleeing medical staff. Well, maybe, maybe not. Killed 10, captured 5 Hizbollah militants, is the official spin on it. Also, they shelled southern Beirut again. They are clearing out the area south of the Litani, village by village, house by house, life by life. They brought bull-dozers which makes me think they have come there to stay. An IDF spokesperson said that, what will happen after this will be talked about: “Six, after the war”, meaning, at six o’clock, after the war, they will meet for tea and discuss it. In other words, right now, they really don’t care.
There’s talk about an international peace enforcement force to take over the area but the IDF intends to hold it until that force is in place. The way that The System works, however, that could take years. No one seems to be offering troops. Syria and Iran have been taken out of talks, and no one else seems eager to send troops. After Israel murdered those four U.N. troops, and the specter of other wars going on in the world, no one is enthusiastic about offering the lives of their own citizens for someone else’s battles.
They know a lame horse when they see one.

"It is time for a new Middle East...It is time to say to those that don't want a different kind of Middle East that we will prevail. They will not." -Condoleeza Rice

The truth is that the idea of a New Middle East is not going to fly. For one thing, most people, in the States, have no idea what life is like in the Muslim World. Our Glorious Leader hasn’t even picked up the phone to call over there and see what the hell is going on. For another, who the hell are we to tell them how to live. They have been at this for seven thousand years. (Some say more, some say less…eh, whatever.) All we seem to be doing, from my America, is getting our hands on a piece of the pie. That idea doesn’t please anyone. Not in Europe and not in the Middle East. This idea of a New Middle East will force others to accept a vision of the future that is, simply, incompatible with what they have now, what they have had for centuries.
It’s not that I’m against Democracy, but what does it say about our contemporary views of it when Palestinians democratically elect members of Hamas to political office only to have the US cut off funds, and diplomatic ties with them, effectively freezing the peace process. It says “if we don’t like your democratically elected leaders, we’ll cry foul until we get someone we like.” Yeah, that’s Democracy.
I don’t know why some of these Super-Christians are so against these people, when, in reality and practice, they are more like them than the everyday person in America. In the Midle East they are a people to whom God, Blood Feud, and honor still mean something. Super-Christians are a people who pray daily, champion the family, and strive for specific ideals. One, I think, is better at it than the other but Americans don’t know a thing about life in the Middle East so the similarities, sadly, are lost on them.
Today is the Tish'ah b'Av, the Ninth of Av. It is a day of sorrow to Jews, who, on that day, commemorate the destruction of both the First and Second Temples. Some Islamic religious leaders are concerned that Zionist Extremists will use this time of turmoil as a chance to carry out attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
They have, I feel, good reason, for concern. This happened before and it pissed off Hezbollah .
Christian extremists, who, as I have said before, keep shoveling money at Israel (and, quite possibly, Zionist Extremist groups) feel that the return of their Messiah cannot take place until the Temple is rebuilt are all for the destruction of the Mosque. So, why shouldn’t they feel threatened?
So, maybe, the use of the term “WWIII” might not be such a wacky idea, after all. It would be a very tricky scenario but it could, indeed, happen. An attack on the Noble Sanctuary could trigger it, but remember, over here, in the land of Mega-Churches and GenriChristianity, that’s what some of those cracked pots want. So, if you hear that it was attacked, expect several, if not all, of the Muslim countries to get involved. Expect Russia to back them. Expect riots in Muslim communities all over the world and celebration amid the hard-line Jews. In short, my freaky darlings, Expect the Apocalypse. If that happens then follow these instructions for your safety: Clasp hands together, bend all the way over, and kiss your sweet asses good-bye.


Today, Kel sent me this link. It's a scary illustration of how bad this war is getting.
About a week ago I was talking to some people about the Israeli war plan. Now, since right after this thing started, the IDF has been telling Lebanese citizens to move north of the Litani River, roughly 30 miles or so from the border. The reason for this, they said, is to clear out civilians so that they can attack Hizbollah fighters in the area.
Heavy shelling and nearly indiscriminate air-strikes have killed scores of civilians, though, children mainly, all over the area.

  • Now, this area south of the Litani River was, roughly, the area that had been occupied after the Arab-Israeli war in 1949. About 12 miles of this area was occupied by Israel for 22 years as a buffer zone, an occupation which ended in 2000.
    Now, the IDF is at it again, with Ehud Olmert pushing the IDF back to the Litani, to recreate the buffer zone between Israel and Lebanon. Several people with whom I have spoken about the escalating situation, however, seem to believe that it is the Israeli intent to annex the land south of the river, not only for security reasons but to occupy it and, eventually, settle it. In other words, they need “Elbow Room”, a little "Lebensraum".
    Today, 10,000 Israeli troops launched a massive invasion of Southern Lebanon and contrary to statements made by the Israeli government it looks like they are going to stay. Also, commando attacks were made deep into the heart of Lebanon, on the ancient city of Baalbek some 100 kilometers north of the Litani River.

  • With Israel attacking so far north, can there be any doubt that, any day now, further attacks will be launched into Beirut?
    Early on in this conflict, Israel launched attacks on southern suburbs of the capitol, flattening roads, bridges and buildings, ostensibly to hinder the political wing of Hizbollah, but killing several civilians in the process. Many believe it is only a matter of time before Israel drops the fa├žade and engages openly in an illegal attempt at regime change, or worse, out and out destruction of the country of Lebanon.
    The world waits and watches but remains frustratingly indecisive and of split opinion over what, if any thing, there is to be done to end this conflict. With no real support for a cease-fire from the United States, Israel has no reason to stop their invasion, and the killing. In other parts of the world, however, public sympathy has slowly started to polarize against Israel, and, by default, the United States. In a world where the last Super Power has lost much of its credibility this openly pro-Zionist stance may ultimately serve to sway opinion completely against us.
    WWIII is a term that has been thrown around rather carelessly lately, over this. Super-Christians are still fervently praying for this to be the End of Days, and expecting the fiction of the Rapture to sweep them away from their milquetoast lives at any moment. Evangelical preachers are being flooded with money to help Israel and it is to their financial benefit to milk the cash cow at the expense of Lebanese blood. The mindless flock will keep emptying their coffers to support this illegal military action as long as they feel they are sanctioned to do so by their fatback grossero ministers. Israel will continue to reap the rewards of American religious ignorance as long as the money keeps coming.

    Speaking of American Ignorance, let’s take a moment to look at one of the domestic victims of this crisis in the Middle East. Yes, I’m talking about Mel Gibson. By now, I’m sure, everyone has heard that the openly Traditionalist Catholic Actor/Director was arrested for a DUI in Malibu. However, that’s not why everyone is raising a stink.

  • It turns out that he made a remark about Jews. I believe he said “Fucking Jews, they are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Then he asked one of the arresting deputies : “Are you a Jew?” (He also asked a female officer at the station “What are you looking at, Sugar Tits?”)
    His statement about the Jews angered, shocked, and dismayed several people. However, Gibson is not actively involved with any sort of hate-mongering or anti-Jewish organization. He was a drunk, expressing his opinion, and, the last time I checked, The First Amendment has not yet been repealed here. That’s the one that allows Freedom of Speech. Now, who says that we must like or tolerate everyone? I know that there are certain people, or types of people, or even whole generalized groups that, I myself, cannot tolerate. Does that make me a criminal? Should I be forced to publicly apologize for my feelings, thoughts, and words? I mean, I can understand prosecuting hostile actions that were motivated by deep-seated resentment, intolerance, and hatred, towards others. Those are called hate-crimes. But where do we draw the line? I mean, so Mel Gibson doesn’t like Jews. Big deal, so what…Why, I’m sure if one posed the question in Lebanon, right now, you’d find several people who might share this sentiment. Should they apologize, too?
    I think that there’s a big difference between bigotry and racism, and Mel Gibson did not cross that line. People are calling for Gibson to “Pay the price of Bigotry”, does it come down to money or just a pound of flesh? Is that a bigoted statement, too? Again, who cares? It’s everyone’s right, as an American, to dislike whomever the hell they want. As long as they don’t physically harm others, or advocate the harm of others, then there’s really nothing hurt but feelings. So, what’s the price to pay for hurt feelings? And why the hell should we care about someone else’s hurt feelings, anyway? Everyone has their own personal bigotries and that, my freaky darlings, is a fact.