Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fulla something....

The early indoctrination of brainwashing must be mandatory in the Muslim culture. I just don't know what to say really. I suppose the rest of the world isn't all that different with the constant display of the perfect women, i.e. tall blonde and buxom, or brunettes, redheads, etc all looking like Victoria's Secret models. However, this doll looks like it's Fulla shit to me. Till next time my freaky darlings.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Veritas Says Good-Bye to USA Today

As of tomorrow the USAToday news feed to this site will no longer be available. We here at Veritas, will miss their coverage, but not to fear, My Freaky Darlings, we've got you covered with links powered by We will be playing around in the coming days to see which of their feeds are most popular. We would love your input so feel free to suggest or complain.

Nazi's Worst Nightmare Simon Wiesenthal- dead at 96

I saw a movie a while back where Marty Landau played Mr. Wiesenthal. Anyway, that was years ago, and others have played him in other movies. But that's how much of a legend this man really was. His was a rightious Justice...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Well Shiver Me Timbers, It's National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Gar! My Freaky Darlings, It's National Talk Like A Pirate day so Indulge your inner pirate. Go forth, Me Hearties, and SPREAD THE WORD! Today you are allowed to tell that annoying bitch in Supply to "Avast or be keel hauled!" and that prick from Sales to "Gar! Be quit of yer moanin n' walk the plank".
Feel free to leap at someone with a rubber knife and demand "Be ye friend or be ye foe?"
Today, make a pact with someone and be "True as the North Star".
Today, sincerely say to someone, "I Like the cut of your jib".
Tell them that the situation is "yar".
Look around all secretive like and offer to "Share me buried tresure, ah will."
If the deal goes sour then invoke "Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons!" and demand a break for some rum.
Today, Drink Much Rum.
Find six different ways to say the word "Gar!"
SMH Pirates
If anyone says anything about it look at them as if they have insulted your ship, draw a knife and, with a bloodlurdling yell, lunge at their throat...stop at the last moment and ask them to repeat the unsult...pause and break for some blackjacks of grog.
At some point in the day, anounce, with rancour and ire, to someone that you will "see them in Davy Jone's Locker."
Today, when disrobing your partner warn them to "Prepare to be boarded!".
Refer to the moron that cuts you off on your way from work as a "Scurvy dog!"
Remember, my Freaky Ship-Mates, that inside each and everyone last one of you there is a pirate, waiting to break out.
And above all don't forget....
Just exactly what can you do with a Drunken Sailor?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11 Commission Report

I'm posting a link ot the .pdf version of this text because I've got the sneaking suspicion that the people who still have questions may have simply never taken the time to read it. It's important to remember that this commission was convened at the behest of the Families of the victims and was concluded, for the most part, to their satisfaction.
The failings and faults that this commission points out faar scarier than any half assed comspiracy theory that those nuts could come up with in their wildest alien filled nightmares.
To be perfectly honest, I'm posting this because I'm tired of having all these halfwits defending cracked pot ideas without ever having really heard what the Official Report on the matter had to say. And quite frankly, that hairbrained vontz who had something to say about the "sick and tired" post,brought up a good point...The Whole thing Stinks.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sick, Tired, and Quite Frankly, Pissed off

For Years I have been involved in the Alternitive media and the Conspiracy community. Paranoia, I used to say, isn't a flaw, it's a survival trait. I consider it not only a God Given Right to question authority but A Sacred Duty to do so. In the past few years, however, I have noticed a disturbing trend among the various Alt.nets and Conspiracy Forums.
I call it the 9/11 Hoax. I won't waste time going into it or offering links to anything other than one board in particular, because I think you either know what I'm talking about or will have no problem finding it in a google search. In a nutshell, these nuts basically are saying that the US Gov masterminded it, or perhaps a "shadow Gov" etc etc, but either way are, in effect trying to exhonerate Al Quaeda for the foul dark deeds. Also, there is a bunch of hokum over what hit the Pentegon. Most of these brainless dweebs seem to think it was some kind of missile and, on the whole, blame the US goverment for what happened. In other words, that not only did the Government masetermind and pull off this whole event but it was done for some sinister reason.
I'm sure many of you who follow the fringe element have come across this at one time or another. Allow me to let some of these Morons to speak for themselves:
  • here

  • Now, although Isis goes on like an emtpy coconut on the first page, check the posts by Zejith_Themis. Pay close attention to the swooping twists of logic in his cleverly worded posts.
    He's not trying to get to the Truth, he's trying to spread Disinformation. Now, I can understand ignorance but the ignorant generally, when faced with the truth, tend to ammend their errors. Not these people. These people aren't ignorant, they are malicious. Disinformation in the Alternative media is something that I have been trying to follow for some time now and it's not getting any easier.
    Now, My Freaky Darlins, you know me. I can believe that there was a plot to Kill Kennedy. I can believe that there are things in our ancient History that are not yet fully understood. I am even open to the idea that, yes, there are indeed UFO's and that Aliens, for some perverted reason, are coming all this way to stick probes up rural peoples asses.
    This one, however, crosses the line. While on the surface it seems that these intellectual giants are trying to convincee the world that we did this to ourselves they are, actually, trying to exhonerate Al-Qaeda and that THAT I cannot stand.